Social media training and workshops that cover all of the latest trends and best practices that you and your business need to succeed online.

What training are you looking for?

We provide training to individuals, small groups and businesses. We also regularly run workshops in the South West. Sign up to receive email updates on upcoming workshops and events here or find out about upcoming workshops here.

All of our training is delivered by certified social media trainers and highly skilled professionals. Find out more about the Socially Savvy Eco team here.

Platform Specific training

The platform sessions are designed to be flexible. You can either focus on one platform and combine it with a strategy session or we can compare different platforms and how you need to alter your content and strategy depending on which one you are on. You might not know which platform you should be on or how best to move your business forward! No problem. Book a complimentary call with us and we will discuss your business goals and bespoke a package to your needs.

Social media strategy sessions

Social media is a crowded space. In the UK alone, millions of people use social media every day. How can you make sure you reach the right people in the right way? Our strategy sessions are designed to make sure that you have a social media strategy in place so that you have a strategic approach to your social media marketing.

  • Designing a strategy around your audience
  • Establishing a sociable brand
  • Developing an influencer strategy
  • Crafting a content strategy
  • The importance of a data driven strategy
  • Deciding which platforms to prioritise
  • Content creation

Paid advertising

Currently we provide a Facebook Ad management service to our clients however we recognise that many small business owners don’t have the budget to pay a monthly retainer for this service. We offer a range of training sessions to teach you how to use Business Manager and navigate it’s complex dashboard.

  • Navigating Business Manager – Unraveling the mystery
  • Building Cold and warm audiences in business manager
  • Growing your audiences with targeted ad campaigns
  • Building a successful ad campaign with copy and creative that converts
  • Building a page post engagement campaign to grow your followers and warm up your audience
  • Building a traffic campaign
  • Building a lead gen campaign
  • Building a conversion campaign.


Kick starter package

We have some very exciting news! We have joined forces with Content Cal to offer you a social media kick starter package that will give your business or organisation the system and processes you need to plan and schedule your social media across all your social media channels. This two month support package will give your organisation a running start and put you firmly on the road to social media success.

ContentCal is excellent when it comes to team collaboration with smart features to stimulate great ideas and make it easier to create together.

How does it work?

We fully audit all your existing social media channels (If you have any) and create a social media strategy based on our findings. Working alongside you we create detailed user personas and craft a marketing strategy that speaks directly to your ideal client. We create a content plan and research key influencers and hashtags in your industry.

We then get you up and running on Content Cal. We connect all your social media profiles and input all key hashtags and snippets. For one month we schedule posts across all your social media channels and show you what good looks like. We will create content, write captions and optimise these posts across all your social media channels. We will post stories and engage with your growing followers.

Organic growth can be incredibly slow on social media and it is becoming harder than ever to reach your audience without a paid social media strategy. In fact, we would go so far as to say

if your’e trying to generate leads or sales for your business without using paid advertising then it is going to be an uphill struggle.

In the second month of your kick starter package we run strategic ad campaigns targeting your ideal audience and accelerating your growth on Facebook and Instagram with real followers who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

Why is this valuable?

Facebook ads (and when we talk about FB we mean Instagram too) are an incredibly powerful in finding your ideal audience, warming them up and converting them into customers. Once you have a genuine ‘seed audience’ you can create lookalike audiences which will be interested in your products and services. To find out more about my experience and success in building strategic Facebook ad campaign click here.

The handover

During the second month of the package while we are running a strategic ad campaign, we are also training you and your team to apply the strategy we have created for you. We teach you best practice across the various social media channels and how to create great looking and engaging content.

To take advantage of our launch offer and find out more click here.

“Today I was trained by Anne to advertise on social media. I’m a complete beginner on social media and I left feeling confident and excited to start posting. Anne was very clear, prepared great aid notes and patient. Before training commenced I was nervous, being dyslexic, can make learning challenging, but Anne’s training programme was fantastic and was tailored for my ease..

Sarah, First Strokes swim school

Let’s learn together.