Social Media Strategy

When social media is done well it can be VERY effective in growing your business. Done badly, it can drain you of your most precious resource – Time.

Posting day in and day out with no clear strategy or focus will get you nowhere fast. Without a clear content strategy, posting high quality content frequently and consistently will be a daily struggle.

What motivates your customers? What are their pain points? Do not underestimate the value of customer research. If you are trying to market to everybody you are essentially marketing to nobody. For your creative and copy to ‘speak’ to people, you need to know exactly who you are speaking too.

If you want to convert followers into customers, it is essential that you take the time to research your audience.

We work with you to create a detailed plan summarising your business products or services with clear goals and objectives. We help you craft your message and your offering so you can reach the right people at the right times in the right way. The strategy document will advise you on the best platforms to reach your ideal audience and when they are most likely to be online.

We work with you to develop a strategy document that outlines your brand message, tone of voice, ideal audience and key influencers. We look at how your brand is presented across all of your social media platforms and how this connects people with your website. We look closely at your customer journey and see where improvements can be made from customer acquisition to conversion.  

Your strategy document will include an audit of your current social media platforms and a report on your insights and analytics to measure what has been working and what hasn’t. We will create a content strategy for your brand with clear strands of content which will provide you with interesting and varied material to engage your ideal customer.

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Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long term plan and putting it into action


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