Power hour

Book your hour of power and start moving your business forward.

Sometimes in order to move forward you need to ask for help. Hands up if your a bit rubbish at this 🤚 I know I am!!! In the past I have toiled for hours and days pulling my hair out over a problem which could have been solved relatively quickly if I had just reached out to the right person for help. But I’m stubborn and either don’t want to part with the money or think I can do everything myself.

Well truth be told, you cannot be an expert at everything!

Sometimes you just need to seek out the people that know what you don’t know. Sometimes you don’t even know what you don’t know

One thing I am certain of is that I do know social media and can help you troubleshoot your marketing strategy or take a look at your ad campaign and give you my expert tips on what you need to do to move your business forward.  Get in touch to book a POWER HOUR with me either online (zoom call) or in person.

As part of your Power Hour I will pre – audit your social media accounts and produce a written document so I can give you an evaluation of whats working and what can be better. DM to chat about your social media woes.

Anne has a lovely way of explaining things and has transformed how I market my business on social media. If your struggling to find focus on Social Media for your business then I recommend that you get in touch with her

Rachel Carbery

Let’s move your social media marketing forward together.